Quality Enhancement Office

RCSI aims to develop and maintain a quality culture in which responsibility for the quality of the student and staff experience and its continuing enhancement is shared by all.

We are committed to ensuring that we deliver a quality educational experience to our students in Ireland and at our international campuses in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

Our role

The role of the Quality Enhancement Office (QEO) is to support the implementation of the RCSI quality assurance/improvement strategy by coordinating activities and collecting the data needed to allow us to continually assure and develop the quality of all aspects of programme delivery.

The main activities of the QEO are:

  • Coordination of institutional reviews by QQI and internal quality reviews
  • Collection of data through regular and bespoke surveys
  • Bespoke internal and external quality assurance audits
  • External consultancy work
RCSI Quality Framework 2022-23 PDF | 2460.2 KB

This document details quality assurance framework development at RCSI.

cover image for RCSI Quality Framework 2022-23

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