Global health

With Alumni and surgical Fellows and Members working across more than 98 countries, our perspective on local and global health challenges is both broad and unique.

We champion empowerment and sustainable advancement of surgical practice and public health initiatives at community and regional level to make a lasting impact on global health.

Measuring our impact

559 surgical graduates in Africa
200,000 operations logged
124 accredited hospitals in Africa
50 million people using solar water disinfection

Institute of Global Surgery

Building on our track record in surgical training and research programmes in Africa, we established the Institute of Global Surgery to develop surgical care systems in low and middle-income countries.

African doctor performing surgery

Making water safe with sunlight

Watch the Waterspout video

A major international research project led by RCSI researchers is developing low-cost technologies to reduce the number of people who rely on unsafe drinking water throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


Water project in India

RCSI is leading a project that will remove contaminants from wastewater and drinking water in India. PANIWATER is a programme that aims to increase access to clean drinking water for those without access to this fundamental resource.

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